The IGP was created in the year 2000 following the merger and reorganization of the Gendarmerie and the former Police into a unique body: the Police of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Even though the principle and terms have not been formally defined/officially determined/fixed, before the law of May 31st 1999 it has been consistently acknowledged that in case of a dysfunction in one of the two bodies, the Minister of the Public Force could make use of the other body for the operational aspects of controlling.

Once a unique police force was set up, it soon became apparent that the creation of a specific control body was needed. The aforementioned law thus introduced a General Inspection of the Police in its title VII (articles 72 to 77) provided with a certain independence.

After the entry into force of the law of July 18th, 2018 about the General Police Inspectorate , the IGP has become the subject of a specific law of 32 articles establishing it as an autonomous and independent administration, placed under the authority of the Minister of Police but having henceforth its own staff not susceptible to return to the Police.

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