Administrative investigation

The administrative investigation focuses on the control of the respect of the laws and regulations by the Police.

Every objection or complaint is considered as an indication of a potential dysfunction, of an imperfection or a functional issue. IGP’ analyses will contribute to necessary improvements.

Administrative investigations carried out by IGP members or realized by the Police on the demand of the IGP aim the following objectives: 

  • Examin the plausibility of reported facts;
  • Control the respect of legal , regulatory and deontological prescriptions;
  • Determine the responsibilities of the matters treated;
  • Allow  a clear view of the issue at hand;
  • Formulating a conclusion and, if applicable, necessary suggestions in order to fix the stated functional issues.

In this context, the IGP reports the identified individual and dysfunctional breaches to the concerned authorities.

It is important to highlight that administrative investigations have not the purpose to sanction the involved agent(s) as this role falls onto the hierarchical authority, but to understand the reasons of the stated breach and to issue recommendations that can remedy such behaviour from recurring in the future.

In case the misconduct is considered of criminal nature, it is communicated to the competent judicial authority according to article 32 of the Code of Criminal Instruction.

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