Activity report of the General Police Inspectorate for 2017

A fundamental step forward for the IGP !

 The draft bills n° 7044 concerning the General Police Inspectorate and n° 7040 regarding the disciplinary statute of Police members of the grand-ducal Police are definitely essential texts in the area of institutionalized control mechanisms of the Police. These texts intend to magnify the scope of the law of 31 May 1999 about the Police and the General Police Inspectorate.

The current reform has a major influence on the future of the IGP  as both, its structure and remit, are affected.

The draft bills maintain the current attributions of the IGP, such as the legality control and the quality control. Other missions are integrated into a legislative framework, such as the training of young police agents. Still other competencies are added to its remit, for instance the constitution of a new “observatory” department that will give political decision-makers an external and holistic overview of Police activities and the mission of disciplinary investigations, which will further enhance the objectivity and neutrality of these enquiries.

The activity report highlights the missions and endeavors carried out in 2017 in order to improve the functioning of the Police through audits, studies and investigations. At the same time, the IGP has integrated a “service to the citizen” approach in its daily procedures.

Regards to the impact of its missions, the response given by the Police to IGP recommendations allow to measure its performance. Many have already been translated into the internal Police instructions, others have been integrated into internal working groups in the context of the current Police reform.

The annual report also lists the efforts undertaken by the IGP to improve the long-term quality of the Police services. This has been achieved, for instance, by exchanging experiences about the Police functioning and control methods with other Police Oversight Bodies (POB), either bilaterally or in the framework of the EPAC/EACN network, a platform in which the General Inspector took over the position of Deputy Vice-President.

The activity report for 2017 has been published online and is available to the public.


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